A jar of crayons.

Band-Aid and Crayola Change Their Colors

At the end of May, Crayola launched 34 newly formulated crayons designed to represent over 40 skin tones across the world. Shortly after, Johnson & Johnson announced that their Band-Aid brand now recognizes diverse skin tones with its line of more inclusive black and brown bandages. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Land O’Lakes and Cream of Wheat are changing their labeling.  The Cleveland Indians are even considering a name change.

Christopher Columbus, Civil War statues and Ohio historical landmarks are being taken down, damaged or on a “hit list.”

Have we ever seen such a reaction to an event? But what was the event? Black Lives Matter? George Floyd’s murder? COVID-19? Unemployment? School closings? Church closings? Lack of leadership?

This amount of change reflects an evolution that our entire world has embraced. COVID-19 brought us together. It pointed out great disparities, especially in terms of the health and welfare of the African-American community. It caused the world to stop and think—where are we going? What should we be doing? We need to do something! The United States is not the only place where discrimination or bias exists. China. Great Britain. France. Africa. South America. Australia.

Wars bring people together for the common good. What is our new form of common good? What do we owe each person in our world? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, perhaps.

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