A screenshot from Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

Catch a Culprit from Your Couch

You can pretend to be Nancy Drew in HeR Interactive’s latest digital game, Midnight in Salem. In this mystery, Nancy visits Salem, Massachusetts to investigate an arson on the Hathorne estate. Photo by HeR Interactive.

Has your self-quartering routine put you in a rut? Ready to give Netflix the night off? Put your idle hands to good use by playing detective and solving a mystery.

  • The classic board game Clue® is always a fun whodunit game to play. To add to its appeal, there are lots of modern themed versions of Clue to try. Bob Burger’s fans can play a version that includes murder weapons like Kuchi Kopi, Gene’s Keyboard and Horcelain. In the Golden Girls Clue edition, players attempt to solve the crime of who ate the last piece of cheesecake. The Game of Thrones Clue features a double-sided board which allows players to solve the mystery in one of two locations. For a list of Clue and Cluedo games and themed games, click here.
  • Did you know you can have a mystery delivered to your home from an online vendor? There are a few to choose on depending on your mood. If you like listening to podcasts about open cold cases, try Unsolved Case Files. History buffs should check out Madmen & Heroes. If you would like to be transported to the Gilden Age, you can purchase Hunt a Killer. Whether you are self-isolating alone, with a partner or with a large family, these mysteries in a box will be sure to make you feel like a real detective.
  • Remember Nancy Drew, the young detective who employed tricks like using hairpins to pick locks and writing SOS messages with lipstick? Her legacy lives on but in a more modern way. HeR Interactive, a video game company, has produced 33 digital games featuring the famous heroine. I personally have played them, and the puzzles they feature can be quite challenging! Join Nancy Drew in these family-friendly adventures as she solves mysteries in places like Paris, Japan and Venice. Some even feature the Hardy Boys!

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