The Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point and Kings Island Plan to Open

Amusement parks are quiet right now. However, with proper spacing and safety protocols, they could reopen as our summer appears. Photo by Cedar Point.

How long will it be until we can return to Cedar Point and Kings Island? Perhaps there will be fewer rides and more musical entertainment.

How quickly will amusement parks everywhere be able to staff up to welcome throngs this summer? Will there be throngs?

Cedar Point was scheduled to celebrate its 150th anniversary season in early May, while Kings Island was going to take the wraps off its new Orion roller coaster. Both parks plan to add days to their season to make up for the days when the parks are temporarily closed.

What will the amusement parks of the post-COVID-19 period look like? Crowd limitations will be the first step. Certain rides will remain in place, while others where people are in close proximity could be shuttered. On the other hand, restaurants or food stands may function easily where spacing is possible.

The core question is how many employees will be needed by Cedar Point and Kings Island after this virus leaves us. Both parks have announced a late start to their 2020 season. Cedar Fair—the parent company for both parks—hopes to open Cedar Point in mid-May.

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