A woman wearing a mask while shopping for groceries.

Costco vs Walmart vs the Rest

Face masks, gloves and lots of hand sanitizer are becoming normal sights in grocery stores. These protocols may continue long after COVID-19 leaves us. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

Are you wearing your mask to shop? In our new COVID-19 world, shopping is a challenge and brings along the chance to be exposed.

That’s why we are impressed with how Costco and Walmart have responded to the situation. At Costco, you see personal spacing, limits on the number of shoppers, safe checkouts, washed down carts and staff with masks and gloves.

Walmart has decided to do the same things, but some locations have also roped off non-essential items to shoppers throughout the store.

I think back to the past. My grandfather owned a small neighborhood grocery store. It was uncomfortable to have more than five people in the store at any one time. During COVID-19, I can imagine my grandmother at the door, letting the neighbors in one person or one family at a time.

So what will change in the supermarket business? It’s about time that staff wear gloves, masks and wash hands frequently. We need to see more hand sanitizer around everywhere. This may be a blessing prompted by a virus. It’s time we think differently.

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