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COVID, Branding and Marcom Audits

Take the extra time you spend at home to consider what your marketing plan looks like. Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

When was the last time you created a marketing communications plan? As we start to come out of this pandemic, it may be the best time.

Look at your brands and product names. You need to survey your customers. You need to audit all you do and ask yourself— “Is there a better way to get sales, attract donors or change our image?”

At Stevens Strategic Communications, we offer a marketing communications audit that covers all aspects of your brand: advertising, public relations, video, website, competitive share of voice, collateral, direct marketing, digital, community relations, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, employee communications, global reach and monitoring.

Recently a new client asked us to improve its competitive position in their marketplace where the company had languished in fifth place in terms of share of voice. In 90 days, the company was number one! That is only the beginning.

Why not talk to one of our talented account executives? Contact Stevens Strategic Communications to schedule your marketing communications audit.

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