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Crisis is a Six-Letter Word

If there was ever a time to look at your business or organization, it is now. Be sure you do so before our economy gets back into full gear. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels.

When COVID-19 hit Ohio, we all felt the crisis take over lives, our freedoms and even our approach to quarantine. In many ways, it has actually been a safe way of living because we have been confined to quarters and staying distant from threats from the outside world.

Now we face reopening. Our doors will welcome employees. Customers. Vendors. Friends. All of this occurs while COVID-19 still lurks in the shadows ready to strike.

Our well-intentioned plans to sanitize, mask, handwash, put up walls and stay apart may fall short. Our team, our customers or even we ourselves could become infected. Might we be opening Ohio too quickly? While it may make economic sense, a worst case scenario is possible.

How do you prepare for the unknown when you know illness may be close at hand? In the military, we consider our avenues of approach and determine the method of attack that minimizes casualties, increases our chance of success and ultimately wins the day.

Here are the key aspects of a crisis in terms of today’s situation—COVID-19.

  • Safe Environment. You must exceed all expectations for health and safety onsite and everywhere your business takes you. Can you do it?
  • Study and Train Team. Your team must focus on your business in a challenged world. They need education. They need to be at the top of their game.
  • Economics. Consider the economics of your business. The worst crises are tied closely to profitability.
  • Weakest Links. What are the major or minor pinch points that determine whether your business can survive or close? Who are your major customers? What products or service are critical to your success?
  • Prepare to Close. Temporarily. Permanently. Be ready to rebrand your operation. How will you reinvent yourself?
  • Find Different Sources. How can you continue to operate without certain services? Can you go outside to replace your team? Who is your B-Team? C-Team?
  • New Locations. Do you have multiple locations? Places to retreat? What is your safe place?
  • Establish a Leadership Position. Become a spokesperson in your industry. Establish yourself as the go-to person, so no matter what happens, you are a beacon of hope for your business.
  • Media Relationships. Develop meaningful associations with media who know you, understand your business and treat the news fairly.

I do not want to scare you. But now is the time to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Create a crisis plan.

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