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Do You Have an Anti-Racist Statement?

Every person is the same in God’s eyes. The Golden Rule should guide us every day. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay.

In today’s demonstrations and its focus on Black Lives Matter, companies and organizations are genuinely concerned and interested in telling their customers and communities that there is no place for racism.

As a member for the Public Relations Society of America in Cleveland, our board issued a letter incorporating the sentiments of PRSA National and PRSA Akron. Here are four paragraphs from the letter that you might use as a guide if you choose to create a statement of your own.

We are an anti-racist organization. We should take time to remember George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice and other African Americans who have been victims of injustice, prejudice and violence. They each will long be in our hearts and never forgotten. We pray for healing for their families and friends as well as our nation and for guidance on what actions we must take to begin making a positive difference. As such, we condemn all structural racism against African Americans and the harmful impact it has on all Americans.

It’s clear that the current climate in our country is not healthy, and we communicators are in a critical role to lead the conversation. Further, as communicators, we must inspire others to practice inclusion and equality for all citizens.

As we navigate through this, your Greater Cleveland PRSA Board of Directors wants you to know that we have resources available to empower change. It is our commitment to shifting the narrative of messaging in the industry by ensuring all voices are heard and respected.

Alongside PRSA National, we have already made it a priority for our chapter to grow and strengthen our work toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization and profession.

There are certain times in our history when we need to reflect on the situation and consider what we can do to make change happen. Words and self-reflection are two good first steps. Action makes the difference.

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