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Happy Birthday, Alcoholics Anonymous

You may never know who is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization is ready to help anyone who wants to change his or her life. AA started right here in Ohio. Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on June 10, 1935 by Bill Wilson, Bob Smith and others in Akron.

According to the AA website, Alcoholics Anonymous can be traced to the Oxford Group, a religious movement popular in the United States and Europe in the early 20th century. Members of the Oxford Group practiced a formula of self-improvement by performing self-inventory. Their goals were admitting wrongs, making amends, using prayer and meditation, and carrying the message to others.

Along came Bill Wilson. Bill had been a golden boy on Wall Street, enjoying success and power as a stockbroker. His promising career had been ruined by continuous and chronic alcoholism. As he approached his 39th birthday, he thought his problem was hopeless, progressive and irreversible. He sought medical treatment, but he was still drinking.

Bill was, at first, unconvinced by stories of transformation and the claims of the Oxford Group. But in December, 1934, after again landing in the hospital for treatment, Bill underwent a powerful spiritual experience. His depression and despair were lifted. He felt free and at peace. Bill stopped drinking and worked the rest of his life to bring the same freedom and peace to other alcoholics.”

The ability of Alcoholics Anonymous to help people in need is not obvious in our society. As we go through life, we encounter true leaders in our community who have taken its 12-step recovery program. Others are quietly helping men and women put their lives back together—many at rock bottom.

Consider a donation to AA. It’s an organization originated in Ohio that has changed the world for many folks and their families.

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