Help Restaurant Workers

Michael Symon asks for our support in this video by the Ohio Restaurant Association. Let’s help the 600,000 folks who have served us so well in our favorite restaurants across the state.

The restaurant industry has been devastated by COVID-19 as thousands of employees have been laid off across Ohio. Restaurants make up the cornerstone of every community. They provide us with great food, warm hospitality and donations to local causes and fundraisers every year. But maybe not in 2020. With the restaurant industry in a catastrophic state due the COVID-19 crisis, now is the time for Ohioans to step up and give their support to our restaurant workers.

The Ohio Restaurant Association has established the Ohio Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. To raise awareness, several videos featuring national chefs such as Iron Chef Michael Symon, celebrity judge Mario Rizzotti and Columbus legend Kamal Boulos of the Refectory are featured. You can watch all the videos here.

Donations from the general public and corporations are encouraged to allow the Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation to continue to provide relief and aid to individuals who require it the most. One hundred percent of donations go toward grant awards for foodservice and restaurant employees who need food and shelter at this difficult time. For more information or to make a donation, please visit

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