A bike on a road.

My Kingdom for a Bike

If you haven’t found your bicycle, you still have time. Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels.

How many sports are well suited to the challenges of personal spacing?

NASCAR would be one. Baseball perhaps. How about archery? Fishing is a good bet.

Ask the bike shops around Ohio and you will hear of sellouts, a ballooning repair business and families on bike paths everywhere.

My son rides an adult tricycle. I have a ten-speed where I like second gear. My wife has a simple bike with coaster brakes.

We can streak around our neighborhood or the lake and visit friends at a safe distance. We enjoy the sight and sounds of nature—crickets chirping, birds singing and even following us and fish jumping.

Does it have to take a pandemic for us to do the simple things in life? Probably yes. Isn’t that too bad. There is a message in all of this.

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