A woman and her caretaker.

Ohio’s Nursing Homes = 71% of COVID Deaths

Nursing homes everywhere have felt the wrath of COVID-19. Ohio is no exception. As visitors begin to reenter, the rules will be strict. How all businesses reopen should be thoughtfully considered and expertly implemented. You start with a plan. Photo by JobsOhio.

The numbers don’t lie. 1,600 nursing home patients account for 71% of the deaths in Ohio. The numbers may even be higher.

A lot of support has been provided to nursing homes to help them reopen and receive patients’ family and friends. How nursing homes handle their reopening phase will be crucial to their future success. A single COVID-19 case could be disastrous when the virus leaves our state.

Custom public relations packages are being created by PR firms and professionals across the state, starting with the development of a post-COVID-19 crisis plan. These plans consist of messaging for team members, residents, family and the community. Draft media statements for relevant scenarios and media relations process are part of the reopening plan.

As with other crisis situations, spokesperson media training, media monitoring and proactive messaging are critical.

Stevens Strategic Communications has worked with healthcare clients, including nursing homes, since 1971. According to the PR firm, any organization involved in reopening their doors—no matter what business they are in—can use a post-COVID-19 plan.

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