A family at home.

Portraits of a Pandemic Show Ohio’s Resiliency

As shown through Portraits of a Pandemic, sheltering at home looks different for every family in Ohio. Photo by Autumn Bland.

Portraits of a Pandemic by Autumn Bland is an intimate series of portraits that document the duality of life the COVID-19 pandemic is creating among those with essential jobs and those sheltering at home in Ohio. With the Stay at Home mandate in place by Governor DeWine, life has changed drastically for all of us.

Only essential businesses remain open—such as grocery stores, healthcare facilities and pharmacies—while others are slowly reopening. These black-and-white pictures of the workforce who are working to combat this pandemic and serve the community are simple, yet powerful. It’s a reminder that each one of us must do our part to continue to fight this pandemic.

The pictures of those sheltering at home are in color and are mostly of families posing outside their home. Families featured come in all shapes, sizes and colors set in different neighborhoods all across northeast Ohio. Truly, we are all in this together. I invite you to check out Portraits of a Pandemic for yourself and see how resilient the people of our beautiful state are.

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