A pile of dollar bills.

PPP and the CARES Act

The Payroll Protection Program is working. Watch our economy bounce back more quickly because of it. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

Did you receive your PPP loan?

When we heard about the CARES Act, we wondered whether any of us would actually be fortunate enough to receive any kind of support.

There are employees to consider. Communities needing support. Families needing food.

From my standpoint, most small business owners I know received some if not all the PPP funding they requested. Many family members with direct deposit received $1,200 in their bank accounts. More people still wait—the check is not in the mail.

Three trillion dollars represents 50% of the U.S. economy over a two-month period. Our leaders believe that will keep us close to even.

The PPP monies are forgivable, if we retain our people and show how this funding kept our small businesses afloat.

One day, we will have to repay the generosity of our federal government. This timely gift makes me want to give back even more to my clients, my family, our community and my country. Keeping small business’ pilot light on was a smart business decision by our government.

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