An empty stadium.

Sports Sputter Out of the Gate

Empty stadiums and arenas will be found everywhere in 2020. Just when it looks like sports will begin to compete, COVID-19 hits players and everything comes to a halt. The start of golf, NASCAR and horse racing give sports fans some hope. Image by Peter H from Pixabay.

Where are my Browns, Bengals, Tribe, Reds, Blue Jackets, Cavaliers—and yes, Buckeyes?

These are the days that test even fair-weather fans. But in this case, they could be our whether-or-not fans.

Will Major League Baseball even have a season? I hear 60 games. Baseball is the easiest sport to make happen—lots of personal spacing is possible on the field and off.

Football already has its trepidations. Two Dallas Cowboys have the Coronavirus. Will the NFL start up only to shut down when we experience an uptick of cases in the fall? Ohio schools are talking about closing by Thanksgiving. What kind of football season will it be? Can it be?

There’s basketball in an Orlando bubble. The Cavs haven’t even made the cut, so we will stay tuned to developments. But what are the odds the NBA even tips off?

Hockey seems to have the best chance of actually playing its 2019-20 season. Last year’s playoffs were great. Our Blue Jackets were there, close to the finals. The NHL plan seems reasonable. The other sports should compare their approaches to hockey.

If you ask me what will happen, I would predict shortened seasons. No fans. Frequent shutdowns. TV revenue records. Surprising winners.

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