Two People Separated by Quarantine.

The Great Depression: COVID-19

The Days of COVID-19 resemble the Great Depression. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.

I remember all the things my mother did her entire life. How she hoarded things. How she stored canned foods. How she made every penny count.

If you know a depression baby, you know a survivor. Add that to the threat of nuclear war during Cold War days, and I found my mom creating a place in the basement where we could make it to see another day.

Enter coronavirus. As Bill Gates warned in 2015, germ warfare and pandemics are probably more dangerous to our survival than nuclear war may ever be. It brings the world as we know it to a grinding stop.

Yet it is wonderful to see how Ohio—in fact, the world—has stepped up to the plate to watch out for each other. To do the right thing, from personal spacing to staying at home.

On the other hand, our unemployment rates are growing. People are storing food. We are set-quarantining at home. Even our family members in the hospital cannot be visited in person and we can’t give the grandkids a hug. One great thing about social media is that we can stay in touch.

Just like the Great Depression and the Cold War, COVID-19 will pass. It will pass more quickly and with less impact because we learned from the past. Our government has stepped in. We congratulate Governor DeWine for his leadership.

Let’s have a statewide farewell party when we say goodbye to the coronavirus.

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