A truck on the road.

Truckers Are Real Heroes

Professional drivers realize they are the link between suppliers and consumers. Honk your horn at truck drivers today to say thanks. Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash.

How can you deny it? Truckers have evolved from America’s modern-day cowboys to heroes keeping our supplies moving during the worst pandemic since the early 20th century.

Transportation Insight, a leader in parcel and freight, has been focused on the carriers that keep our shelves stocked. The company’s representative in Medina is Jennie Malafarina, Senior Marketing Manager. She says, “Today’s truckers are dedicated professionals who have been sacrificing and stretching their workdays to be sure deliveries are on time and the cargo arrives safely. It was difficult when some truck stops and rest areas were closed. And it is even more challenging when a driver arrives at a destination to find out it is closed because of COVID-19. Our truck drivers—one and all—deserve our appreciation every day.”

The Ohio Experience salutes our truck drivers for going beyond the call. Truckers across the United States are doing their best to keep food, paper and hygiene products in our stores. Safety continues to be paramount.

If you are interested in staying current with news about carriers, the supply chain and logistics, visit Transportation Insight’s website.

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