Two women in a video meeting.

Welcome to the Zoom Room

Be sure you find a way to make a contribution on almost every Zoom call you attend. There is a reason you received an invitation. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

So which room or space have you designated as your Zoom meeting location? You probably have a special spot at home or at the office.

Have you figured out where the lighting is best? How your camera focuses on you? Where to place multiple folks on a single computer or mobile device, if you must?

With so many meetings cancelled until 2021, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other services will be our method of meeting for some time when there are more than a few of us.

Here are a few tips about appearing on or participating in a Zoom event:

  1. Prepare for the call. Be sure you dress like your audience.
  2. Share an agenda.
  3. Do you need to share your screen? Be able to pull up your PowerPoint so that it is sharable.
  4. Determine who to invite. Take a roll call.
  5. Be sure the platform works. Go on 15 minutes prior to the call.
  6. Rate the call. Send a quick followup.

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