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What Is your Elevator Speech? Take our Quiz.

Elevator speeches describe an organization in the time it takes a person to arrive at their office floor. Photo by Fred Kleber on Unsplash.

Over the years, we have been asked to create or brainstorm the elevator speech for companies, organizations and thought leaders. Elevator speeches capture the essence of an organization in a 30-second spiel. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when or create yours.

  • Define the profile of your target customers.
  • What need or opportunity exists where you can supply the solution? 
  • Name the product or service that exemplifies what your organization does. 
  • What category does what you offer fall under? 
  • List the primary benefits you bring to the table. Quantifying these benefits might be useful. 
  • Look at your competitors. What makes you different? 
  • Finally, what is the one thing that sets your organization apart from the competition? If you have a breakthough concept or product, it must be mentioned.

Your 30-second elevator speech can start with an attention-grabbing question. It can be a reality check, focus on what people already know, include a surprise ending or tell a customer’s story. It can just be short and to the point.

If you have an elevator speech or pitch you want Stevens Strategic Communications to review, send it to us for a quick evaluation.

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